books read in 2011


07 GameSpite Quarterly 1, Jeremy Parish

10 The Last Lecture, Randy Pausch

19 The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown



23 Presidential Anecdotes, Paul Boller

23 Reading the OED, Ammon Shea

24 GameSpite Quarterly 2, Jeremy Parish

26 GameSpite Quarterly 3, Jeremy Parish


14 The Innocent Man, John Grisham (for HIST 556)

22 The Greatest Generation, Tom Brokaw


08 Ender in Exile, Orson Scott Card

17 GameSpite Quarterly 4, Jeremy Parish

21 GameSpite Quarterly 5, Jeremy Parish

24 GameSpite Quarterly 6, Jeremy Parish


01 My Lobotomy, Howard Dully

06 The Macintosh Way, Guy Kawasaki

11 Unwind, Neal Shusterman


03 The Art of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, Capcom

03 Mega Man Official Complete Works, Capcom

05 The Late Shift, Bill Carter

05 Okami Official Complete Works, Capcom

15 A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson

23 Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire, James Wallace & Jim Erickson

27 Lou’s on First, Chris Costello


02 The Big Burn, Timothy Egan

11 The Kennedy Assassination - 24 Hours After, Steven M. Gillon

15 National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Night Sky, Howard Schneider

22 The Worst Hard Time, Timothy Egan


16 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Volume 1

18 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Volume 2


02 The Real Wizard of Oz, Rebecca Loncraine


02 All About Steve: The Story of Steve Jobs and Apple from the Pages of Fortune, The Editors of Fortune

26 Prey, Michael Crichton


21 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Volume 3

27 I’m a Stranger Here Myself, Bill Bryson

27 Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, Walter Isaacson

28 I Didn’t Ask to be Born, Bill Cosby

29 Return to the Little Kingdom, Michael Moritz

30 The Third Apple, Jean-Louis Gasse