books read in 2022


03 How the Word is Passed [audio], Clint Smith

10 Hollywood and Hitler: 1933-1939 [hardcover], Thomas Doherty

17 The Thursday Murder Club [hardcover], Richard Osman

19 The Man Who Died Twice [hardcover], Richard Osman

25 A Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth [ebook], _Chris Hadfield

30 The Blind Side [hardcover], Michael Lewis


06 Five Decembers [hardcover], James Kestrel

18 Don’t Cry For Me [hardcover], Daniel Black

18 Drug of Choice [softcover], John Lange

21 A Calling For Charlie Barnes [hardcover], Joshua Ferris


05 A Case of Need [ebook], Michael Crichton

07 Rock Paper Scissors [harcover], Alice Feeney

17 Firestarter [hardcover], Stephen King


14 Disrupting the Game [hardcover], Reggie Fils-Aimé

14 Ask Iwata [hardcover], [ed.] Hobonichi

17 Drawn to Greatness: Disney’s Animation Renaissance [softcover], Michael Lyons

21 A Flicker in the Dark [hardcover], Stacy Willingham

23 Mutation [hardcover], Robin Cook

27 The Four Winds [hardcover], Kristin Hannah

28 Ender’s Game [hardcover], Orson Scott Card

30 Ender in Exile [hardcover], Orson Scott Card

30 A War of Gifts [hardcover], Orson Scott Card


01 Speaker for the Dead [hardcover], Orson Scott Card

06 Young Mungo [hardcover], Douglas Stuart

11 Fadeout [softcover], Joseph Hansen

25 And the Band Played On [hardcover], Randy Shilts


07 Tell Me Everything [hardcover], Erika Krouse

18 11/22/63 [hardcover], Stephen King

24 Upgrade [hardcover], Blake Crouch


03 The Sweetness of Water [hardcover], Nathan Harris

07 Project Hail Mary [hardcover], Andy Weir

16 Pinocchio: The Making of the Disney Epic [hardcover], J.B. Kaufman

25 The Art of Walt Disney [hardcover], Christopher Finch


12 Understanding Comics, [softcover], Scott McCloud

24 The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, [hardcover], Stephen King


22 They Both Die at the End, [ebook], Adam Silvera

24 Until I Meet My Husband, [softcover], Ryousuke Nanasaki


05 The Lincoln Highway, [hardcover], Amor Towles

12 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, [hardcover], J.K. Rowling

14 The Magnolia Palace, [hardcover], Fiona Davis

18 A Billion Years, [hardcover], Mike Rinder

20 The Lies I Tell, [hardcover], Julie Clark

27 Falling, [hardcover], T.J. Newman


05 The Office BFFs, [hardcover], Jenna Fischer & Angela Kinsey

10 The Magicians, [softcover], Lev Grossman

26 Cary Grant, [hardcover], Scott Eyman

29 The Wright Brothers, [hardcover], David McCullough

30 Playing Under the Piano, [hardcover], Hugh Bonneville